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butchers tips to better your game play Empty butchers tips to better your game play

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:23 am

ok so first off early on raiding is the most common mistake. climbing the leaderboard in hopes of a top 10 spot. well while your raiding others are conquering gaining an average daily troop intake of 4.2mil. raiding should not be done untill later when you understand the market and have built up enough troops to use it to your advantage. ok now lets say you allways have 50mil of each major troop type. gargs bw liz and gorgons. these are the troops in demand being bw in the most followed by gargs then gorgons. watching the market daily is a must. lets say gargs hit over .00018 in the market now you throw your 50 mil in for .00185 and they sell settling at around 9250 gems. now you can buy 44 health potions and farm another 52.8 mil gargs gaining 2.8mil troops in 1 hour also you just gained about 14 mil rep and 17.6k attack exp. for liz its a bit more tricky you dont want to farm the gargs with ghps lets say you lose 900k gargs per 1.2mil liz farmed. and gargs are at .00016 in the market. thats 144 gems worth of gargs lost per 210 gems in ghps to farm 1.2mil liz so thats 354 gems for 1.2mil liz. selling your liz for .0003 and up is a profit. small yes but its still there. this is the more risky part some people think but ive had 0 risk in the market since ive started using it. my price ranges go as follows for buying and reselling. for gargs bw and gorgons i buy at .00014 and lower and turn around and sell at .00015 and higher leaving me with .0001 of play im not 100% sure how tax works so i picked a safe range for tax being .00005 so that leaves me with .00005 of profit so for ever 1mil its 50 gem 10mil 500 100mil 5k 1bil 50k. 1mil "troop" is only about 150 gems a mil on average and by doing this your turning a 33% profit. the thing here thats the tough part for most is waiting. these profits wont happen everyday and and when buying/selling your not allways gonna get that order completely filled. but its a nice little tech i use. those are the basic market tips i can explain. theres others such as forcing prices up and down but thats more risky than it is profitable. and you would need more troops in demand than other people are offering and a huge wallet filled with gems. now lets move on past market play. another tip is controlling forts on this server id say counties your gonna want tons lets say 50 counties. ok so lets say in those 50 counties 15 dont have a smith blah either abandon them/build a smith/lable them so you know. ok in the other 35 theres a total of lets say 50 ranges 40 stables and 45 barracks. your gonna wanna recruit a weeks worth of troops in each one of these id suggest the middle troop in each sowrdsmen cents and bowmen. let them cook and on the day they pop repeat and with the new market your gonna have to pool them all together to one main city and sell. this will give you another little boost in your troop count. as for workshops id suggest recruiting max in 1 and aclerating either 1 to 3 times. and then moving on to the next. 3 times will bring in about 15k a day after 2 weeks and those will never stop coming in as long as you keep recruiting them if you plan on owning tons of forts then id suggest acelerating them down 2 time and wait the extra week and a half or so and you will be getting a constant 30k a day about. now thats a big difference and well worth the wait only thing is though you would need to keep taking counties. i did this with metros on s2 so i had more workshops but with the difficulty of metros now im not sure its worth it at all.


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butchers tips to better your game play Empty Other tips

Post  Quest on Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:05 am

Here's a way to send 1 troop and even if you lose that troop in round one, there is a way to see the troop numbers in the fort. First you lost in round one, exit your report and click on the check box beside it and delete it. Next exit out of the reports tab to your map, then go back to that report. It is now green, open it and there you go. It only works the first time mind you.

Here's a way to hide your troops from an attack if for example your stuck in dragon land and can't reinforce to somewhere. Put your troops for sell for the highest price you can in the market. Once you lose your troops, draw them out.

Here's a way to always be making money if your past your max in food or gold. Sell off at the end of the night all your gold/food for the highest price in the market, like if you go to bed. Even if it sells your probably make a profit just rebuy. That way you always are making money. If you have a lot of forts it adds up very quickly. It's the secret way to make a few gems here and there each day. Also protects you from losing income while ur asleep.


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