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butchers tips for pvp Empty butchers tips for pvp

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:38 am

the stuff parth posted shows more info than i will explain but this is my build i use. i build my army for speed which is a key factor in the 9k by 9k wz. i only use trolls bw cyclops and gargs and reapers. i never use more than 100k repaers. my ratios are as follows for every 1k bw i use 2 trolls and for every 1k gargs i use 2 cyclops. this way when my army hits the repaers clash giving my other troops time to move in now even if your oppent is using seige they still wont with your forifieds with this stack. nothing will. only thing i would be worried about with this build is a build of liz and fallen with reapers bw orcs and gorgons giving there liz/fallen about 3 rounds to attack and gorgons 2 but your armies so fast that if you run into an army like that you have an easy escape and if there equal armies of gem value you would still have an upper hand as liz are allmost twice the gems as gargs and bw and there not gonna be able to wipe out your fortifieds with liz and fallen by the time your gargs and bw die your allready hitting the liz and fallen. also IMO getting your attack up is important. so if the stacks your using to farm arnt netting you 200 att exp a conquer its time to find a better stack. building defense is good too id suggest finding a partner thats not in the alliance or if he is do it once a week with 1 player droping alliance. first find 2 counties as close as possible the defender keeps 1 reaper while the other person raids there county with 4 bw netting the defender 200 def exp getting your def to 10 should give you an upperhand in pvp. i will add more but this is all the time i have ATM.


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