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Post  Parthenogenesis on Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:54 pm

As Im just a stupid swede, I didnt come up with all this. But I did get permission to re-post it. Note that this was written before the introduction of pvp, and should therefor be seen as a theoretical guide, where some things might had looked different today.

Okay....after studying reports forever and trying to guess why some monsters get attacked when others don't, I suddenly came across the answer.

It may sound a bit complicated to grasp at first, but it's simple really. When I can root my phone, I'll grab screenshots and post them, but until then...just take my word for it please.

So we've all been obsessed with large amounts of troops. The biggest offenders being Widows and Lizards. We thought that the more attack power we could send would mean a big win....that is not the case. Sure, large numbers are great and would utlimately be best, but not all of you posess billions of don't I.

The game is boiled down to most overall health. HEALTH is what decideds which troop is attacked first and so on.

I will start with my Troll/Widow combination first:

Trolls offer 100 Health\ 312 Normal Attack\ 148 Fortified Armor
Wids offer 80 Health\ 76 Brunt Attack\ 28 Heavy Armor

Lets say that we were sending 200 Million Widows and 1 Million Trolls for this scenario.

The total collective health of the Widows would be a whopping 16 Billion health.
The total collective health of the Trolls would be 100 Million health.

As they are making their way to the battle, the opposing army is doing a "threat asessment".....and they will attack the largest collective health troop in range....your Widows.
They will keep attacking your widows until one of two things happen.

First: Once enough Widows have been killed to bring their TOTAL combined health to under 100 Million (the total combined health of the Trolls) or another troop enters range which has a more collective health than the Widows.

Lets just assume that we only sent the Widows and Trolls for this though. So as your widows are getting pounded, your Trolls are untouched and dealing pretty big damage @ 312 million per round....until the Widows' collective health drops to under 100 Million. When that happens....the opposing armies' troops do another asessment and start dealing damage to the Trolls because they have the higher collective health...allowing whats left of your widows to keep attacking into the second round. (once the opposing army switches targets its a round.)

Again...once your Trolls' collective health falls below whats left of the Widows, the opposing army will switch once again to the Widows and so on and so forth.

The same holds true with Cyclops as well.....

In the next post I will break down why\ how this can be worked into an army and how you can manipulate the movements of the opposing army.

... now that you understand the basic premise behind the game as Max meant it to be, I will move onto how exactly you can use this to your advantage.

Now, this is how I would do things. It doesn't mean theres not another way, nor am I saying that theres any substitute for billions of troops...let's be realistic. But.....this is basically how I have set up my main army and it has worked great.

I can't give specific numbers on what you all should have....that's impossible. When it comes to Trolls or can never have enough though. To make it effective, no less than 150k will do.

So out front you're going to want to send whatever Reapers you have. People still use them and it's wise to keep 20k around to send out front.

Next you'll obviously want to send Widows and your Trolls.

Follow that with Gargoyles to deal damage to the opposing armies Lizards.
Then comes the Cyclops and Witches. You'll obviously want tens of millions of Witches to protect your Cyclops. (I will break this down at the end)
Follow those up with your Gorgons and Lizard
Then you'll want to throw in Orcs...whose main job is to absorb Lizard attacks (they are the hardest for Lizzy to kill)
Then put in any 45 speed Human troop....Axe will work good.

Fill the gaps (few mill) with FireBeasts to take out their Orcs. Your Witches will offer protection for them.

Throw in some Demon/Fallen and you have an army thats stronger than one twice the size made up of mostly Widows and Lizard.

Now....imagine the fight is beginning.

The opposing army is sending the basics....Lizard, Widows, Gargoyle, Reapers, Orcs, with a smattering of other troops....

Reapers will meet...and I'll assume they kill eachother.

Round 2: Your Widows and Trolls enter the battle against the opposing armies Widows. As round 2 ends....opposing armies widows are wiped out, but because they had two targets....not only will you have Widows should have some Trolls left as well.

And here's where things get a bit complicated to follow....I'll try my best to explain it.

The 3rd round is the most important round in the whole battle and people fail to realize this I think.

So now....the defending armies ranged get into the battle...ours have not yet.

At this point, you have what Widows and Trolls are left over from the previous round and your Witches and Cyclops have entered into melee range.
The opposing army is doing another threat asessment and attacking the troop with the largest collective health in range....that would be your witches.

While your Witches get pounded for that round....your Cyclops are taking care of their Gargoyles. With Cyclops Brunt attack and fortified's curtains for many a Gargoyle. Your Widows and Trolls are still dealing damage for this round as well....although not a whole lot.

Should the collective health of the Witches fall below the'll notice some dead Cyclops in that round. Their Lizard will have finished off any remaining Widows and Trolls.

When the fourth round starts for the attacking should just be a mop up job. In that round...your Gorgons, Lizard, Gargoyle enter the fight....along with whats left of your Cyclops from the previous round.

The object is to get those Cyclops into melee range of those Lizards. Once that's a 50% drop in attack for them.
So....your Gorgs, Liz, Garg, Cyclops will attack their Orcs (providing they don't have a larger number of FireBeasts to protect them...which they probably won't).

Their Orcs shouldn't stand a chance against your ranged or Cyclops either.

At the end of that round....their Orcs are deceased as are your FireBeasts, Witches, and probably most of your Cyclops....maybe all depending on size factors.

What does that leave the opposing army with?? Nothing but Lizards and Gorgs if they have them. Now....your Demons are making their way to the Lizard in the 5th round.....with the opposing Lizard seeing the worst threat being your ranged....the Demon will have free reign to get to the Liz and accomplish that 50% attack drop. Obviously when that happens the battle is all but over.

Remember....this is all assuming alot of factors but most peoples armies will be what I mentioned above.
The basic point I'm trying to make is that Fortifieds will ultimately decide the overall outcome of a battle.

You can even take it a step further. Lets say you love Orcs and you like it when they enter the battle in the 7th round, but don't want them to take alot of damage....send Prawns with more overall health and your Orcs will be protected for half a round or better.

Any time you want to draw fire away from something....just send the same BATTLE SPEED troop with more overall health.

But'll get the most out of Trolls and Cyclops. Don't confuse things too much.

One more thing I want to stress....kinda off-topic:

Make sure you have enough forts to sustain your army. Start looking at related troops and see what their upkeep is and compare the two....take the best one.
For instance....Gorgons....when upkeep is factored can have 1.5 mill Gorgons per 1 mill Lizard for the same amount of upkeep. BUT....the damage dealt by those Gorgons will be (depending on relevent techs) 69 million+ as the Lizard will only deal 58 mill+. What would you rather have??


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